I am grateful for…

I just need to take a minute to document the things that I am blessed with. If for nothing else than that I might need a reminder one day, so why not put it in words…

1. My family – I have a wonderful, loving, funny, generous husband to whom I owe my sanity. I have the most adorable, smart, funny, silly, loving daughter that is my anchor when my life is chaotic. My parents are my best friends, as is my wonderful sister. My nephew’s laugh and happy face make my day over and over. How lucky am I?

2. My job – I work in an industry I love, for a man who has vision like nobody I know. I get to combine all of my skills every day to make it a better place for our employees. I get to think “outside of the box” and use tools and resources that are available to only a select few. How lucky am I?

3. My house – I live in a house that was one of my favorites as a child, on a street that is beautiful and well kept. It is about a mile from my childhood home and my parents, which warms my soul. When we moved into our house, it was as pristine as a new home, even though it is 35 years old. The past owners has a lot of pride in their house, and they kept it in amazing condition. We have a “blank slate” to work with, which is such a gift to someone like me. How lucky am I?

4. My friends – even though I have been incommunicado for YEARS (with work and the baby…) my friends are STILL THERE when I reach out to them, and they don’t hold a grudge. They are as happy to hear from me as if it was just a few days since we last spoke. They still care, and they are still there. How lucky am I?

5. My health – not that I have focused on it at ALL recently, but I am lucky that I am still strong both mentally and physically. When I get the opportunity to sneak in a workout, I feel amazing and it reminds me that my body needs attention as much as my daughter or my job need it.

6. My future – it looks bright. How many people can say that honestly? I got promoted to VP a few weeks ago, for a company that I love. We have merged with a competitor, and that has given me insight into who “they” are, and surprisingly, “they” are just like “us”. So now I have 350 employees who are working for the same goal I am – to do a good job for the customers we serve, and go home feeling like we accomplished something every day. How lucky am I?

I am blessed. No doubt.



One thought on “I am grateful for…

  1. magnum78 says:

    You rock. Love you too.

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