Running Away

So I started running in March. On my birthday, to be exact. My gift to myself. And I have been pretty good about it. Not because I force myself to, but because I actually enjoy it. I hate the first mile. The second is better. Then, during the third, I get into my head and I have been known to actually forget that I am running. My old boss, Bob, described it to me so nicely once. He said that when you run, eventually a ‘window’ opens, and when it does, you can fly – you are invincible. At first, the window stays open for only a short time. But the fun of running is to see how long you can keep the window open. The more you run, the longer the window is open. The longer it’s open, the more you feel like a superhero when you finish your run.

So I run a two mile loop. I run it at the very least, twice. Sometimes I stop because of the time (actually, it’s usually the time that sends me home) and sometimes I get tired. I thought of keeping track of the things I do the day before I run to see what works and what does not. So far, I have deduced that binge drinking and taking a day off, then running, works like a charm. Well, it did once. That was an 8+ mile day. But I don’t binge drink but once a year or so. Also, last Sunday, I ate eggs, a Morningstar sausage patty, and had a cup of coffee, and I killed 10 miles. Hot damn. That is the new prescription. At one point, I thought to myself, “I am eating this sidewalk. Taking big, mean bites out of it”. That’s the ‘superhero’ part of the open window. Invincible.

Sometimes when I am running I think of the most poignant, amazing statements. I think I will try to track them here so I can come back and read them and see if they make any sense at all when I am sedentary…
What I like is that many of them apply to life in general, and not just running.

Here are a couple:

Shortcuts won’t get you into a bikini or the corner office.
Never decide to quit right before you crest a hill. You will be amazed at how much more you have in you if you give yourself a few more steps.
Dogs can be ‘man’s best friend’ or something you want to kick, depending on how well you know each other and who can run faster.
Music can make or break you.

So, in October I will run a half marathon. Having just put a ten miler on my checklist, I am amped for the challenge. I certainly know what I will eat for breakfast that day! And I found a shirt I like – think I will wear it – it says “trample the weak, hurdle the dead”. That is damn funny.

It’s the 27th of July and I have run over 40 miles this month. That, my friends, is an accomplishment. Run on.


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