Run ’til it kills you.

Go Pre

I was never a ‘runner’.  I never really understood people who ran with nobody chasing them.

I read recently that a ‘runner’ is someone who wonders if they could be classified as a ‘jogger’ and the possibility makes them mad.  So NOW, I am officially a runner.  But I never knew about running heroes.  I never paid attention during the Olympics or any major track spectacle, but in passing.  At some point, during my explorations of and other running sites,  I read that the movie ‘Prefontaine’ was a good ‘runner’s movie’ and since I have recently deemed myself  a runner, I took a peek.

First, I’ll say that Jared Leto is a pretty damn versatile actor.  He’s had roles where he has been fat, skinny, sexy, ugly… but this role he rocked.  He WAS a superstar runner.  And I didn’t know the story.  So as the movie unfolded I was really enthralled.  I was alive during the Munich Olympics but I can’t say that I remember anything about them except that I knew terrible things happened there.  This movie gave me my first account of the horror.  It gave me my first perspective of a runner that LIVES for running.  It showed me that runners come in all shapes and sizes and none of that matters.  But it also showed me that you should never take running for granted.  If you can run – shit, if you can jog or even walk  – you should be thankful.  If you can decide to go out and give it your all, or just put in the miles, it’s more than most people can commit to.  And in my book, that makes you a better, more disciplined, more motivated person than most.  And if you are good at it, in my world you are ‘elite’.  If you are great, you are a giant.  If you are Prefontaine, you are one in a million.

I won’t ruin the movie in case you want to watch it.  But damn it didn’t end how I had expected.   But what it DID do was motivate me even more to lace up, enjoy every step, and be happy that I call myself a runner…


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