I rock.

So January was a good running month for me.

My goal for the month was 70 miles.  How many miles did I run?  70.5.  The end of the month required some dedication, because I was traveling a lot and with a Board Meeting in Palm Springs (which included a lot of really good wine and food) I had 5 miles to log to make the mark.  I hit the hotel gym at 5 am on a Saturday morning and forced myself to give 5 when I felt like crawling back to bed around mile 2.  But I got to somewhere around 3.5 and instead of hitting the button to increase the speed, I hit the ‘stop workout’ button which was precariously positioned right next to the ‘up’ arrow for speed.  Who designs these things (treadmills).  So I reset.  And I felt better, for some reason.  Maybe a second wind.  Yes,  I should have run outside in the beautiful Palm Springs 60 degree weather, but it was DARK.  I mean, middle of the night dark.  And I was just starting to make out the shape of palm trees when I hit the 5 mile mark.  So I gave .5 more just so I could say I did it, and then I did a ‘rainmaker’ move (see http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Sport/Pix/pictures/2008/08/22/boltandpowell3.jpg and http://images.chron.com/blogs/peep/1aStanding%20Archer.JPG or http://www.mattbembridge.co.uk/gallery-large-images/the-archer.jpg) and felt like a superstar.  Damn, I dig running.

February?  70 miles again.  I have a taper built in for my early March race in Florida, so if I can hit 70 with a short and tapered month, I will seriously be the best runner I know.      : )


One thought on “I rock.

  1. Scott says:

    Please refrain from linking your wonderful prose to naked men! That hurt. More seriosuly, what is your training program? What distance(s) do you race? Did I ever tell you I got addicted to marathons? Started in ’97 and was crazy right up until we had our first kid (23 marathons later). Now I am swearing to get back in the go mode by years end. That is my story.

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