Oh sNOw…

Man.  Have you ever seen snow like this?  FOUR FEET.  That’s what we got within a 3 day period.  Four. Fricking. Feet.

I am sooooo lucky. Let me explain…

Once upon a time, I wanted to get into shape, and I used ‘bad knees’ (and fear) as a reason not to get a treadmill.  Well, that and the fact that every single one of my friends who had one used it to hold either clean or dirty laundry.  And I didn’t need one of ‘those’.  So I invested in an elliptical machine.  “Better for the knees!” they shouted from the showroom floor.  “MORE results than a treadmill!” they hollowly promised.  With my fear of running tucked securely in my pocket, I KNEW that this was the right machine to take me from jelly belly to the catwalk.  So I bought one.  A NICE one.

I worked out here and there.  I boasted that I was getting ‘in shape’ but the shape I was in was little more than a sweaty, chubby blob.  And then, I ‘wasn’t seeing results’.  Then I ‘couldn’t find the time’.  And then,  I disowned it.  Luckily my laundry was on a different floor or it would have easily become a clothes horse (read: dirty/clean laundry holder).  So alone and unadorned it sat.

We moved, and we lugged it to the new house.  It found a home in the basement with the rest of our crap we didn’t want on display in our fabulous new digs.  And THERE it sat.  But one day (March 26, 2009) I took my first run.  OH MAN, I felt something new.  I wanted to do it again!  And then?  It rained.  But I didn’t have a treadmill…  so I ran in the rain – which was a gift because I found I loved to run in the rain.  And the year flew by and suddenly the rain was snow!  But one *almost* twisted ankle told me that me + snow was an unhappy union.

My cousin and I had recently lamented about the boxes of coins we each had in our basements – me an Elliptical, she a Treadmill.  I complained that I wanted to run, she complained about knee issues.  We laughed about what suckers we were to have ‘invested’ in such useless props.  *DING* We realized that maybe we had each invested in the WRONG machines but maybe we could ‘swap’ them and each find happiness.  So we did.  And I became the lucky owner of a treadmill. Serendipity.

My husband brought it home with the help of his brother.  It was a herculean effort to get it out of my cousin’s house (through the back door) up a mighty hill, into the truck, into our house, down a flight of stairs, around a tight corner, and into the basement.  And they set it up perfectly, in sight of the TV and a running poster on the wall, and plugged that bad boy in and… nothing.  No power.  Didn’t work.  AGGGG!  I called at least 6 places I found online and not one of them called me back.  FINALLY I got a guy to come out and within 15 seconds he diagnosed the issue.  Bent finger on the (it looks like a SCSI drive plug) thingy.  He straightened, it plugged, and we were in business ($97 later).

See how I am lucky?  I have been hearing from, reading about, and talking to friends whose running has been DEEPLY impaired by this redonkulous snow.  And being stuck in California for 5 days this week with no running shoes (had I brought shoes, I would have gladly run in the ONE business suit I had with me for the 8 hours I’d planned to be in Cali) I found  myself seriously behind my goal of 70 miles for the month.  But THANKS TO KATIE (my cousin) and that fantastic trade we made, I am back on track, happy, and grateful to have my own running machine in the basement.

When running is a priority, nothing will stop you.  You’ll barter, trade, and bust your ass to keep it in your life.  If it makes you happy (like me) find one of those friends with an expensive laundry basket and trade them for whatever they want.  It’ll be worth it.  I promise.


2 thoughts on “Oh sNOw…

  1. rundadrun says:

    Great post. Talk about a great trade! Good luck with your new treadmill.
    Happy running,

  2. […] you gave me the tool (story here) to be able to start my own journey and it makes me happy that that same tool is now helping you […]

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