Let’s Make This Interesting… Who Wants to go to Vegas?

I’m running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas as a TeamChallenge participant and fundraiser.  I am soooo excited to put my name on, and my effort toward, this awesome cause.  As you might have read in the post below, I am working hard to raise money.  To date, I’ve raised $1,670 which has been donated by some fabulous friends and family members who stepped right up to support me, Billy and TeamChallenge.  But I know there are lots of other people out there who are thinking about donating or who just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

SO, I’ve decided to put some SIZZLE into this fundraiser!  I have an AWESOME incentive to get you contributing to this cause…  Here’s how it will work:

In order for me to get a free flight to Las Vegas through TeamChallenge, I need to raise $3,500.  So as soon as I hit that $3,500 mark, I will assign a number to EVERY person who has made a donation over $25.00 to GoCaseyGo/TeamChallenge.  At the end of the fundraising period, I will pick a number (probably using a random number generator online) and the WINNER will receive a ROUND TRIP TICKET to LAS VEGAS to come cheer me on and participate in the festivities!  WOO HOO!

So head on over to my TeamChallenge website and make your donation today.  Tell your friends.  Support this awesome cause AND get a chance to whoop it up in VEGAS!

**A few minor details:

This is my own brainchild and is solely to raise money for this fund raising cause.   This contest is not ‘official’ or endorsed by TeamChallenge in any way, but you have my word that it will be fair and we will have a ton of fun if you win!  The ticket will be one round-trip ticket on a Southwest Airline flight.  Winner will be responsible for getting to the airport where they can take a Southwest flight.   Hotel is not included.  Gambling money is not included.  I will, however, throw in a couple of drinks on the plane!  If you travel WITH me and Billy, you will get priority boarding and priority seating.  You can extend the trip longer or go earlier than us, but I’d really like if you would be at the race on December 5th (Sunday) to cheer me on!  You can bring anybody you want with you if you win, but they (or you) have to pay their way.  If the link above doesn’t work, please go here: http://www.active.com/donate/lv10maryland/gocaseygo GOOD LUCK!


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