Afternoon Delight

I’m in love.  I’ve known it for a few weeks but I haven’t wanted to tell anyone because it’s so new – I knew my feelings could change or disappear at any moment.  But today cemented my love, and I’m ready to tell the world.

I’m in love with my Newton Running shoes.  It was literally love at first sight but I wasn’t sure they were my ‘type’.  They are completely different than the string of Asics I’ve been seen with around town.  They are LOUD – bright vibrant pink.  They have curves where the others don’t (on their bottoms – oh!).   They make me feel like I’m floating, gliding along the trail.  Sometimes… they make me giggle.

I first laid eyes on them at Road Runner Sports.  I saw them from afar and was drawn to them.  But one glance at their sticky little price tag and I knew they were in a league of their own.  I couldn’t afford to be seen with a group like that.  But wait.  There they were again.  On Ebay – NWOB and CHEAP.   Someone else had fallen for those curves – the promises whispered from deep within their soles…  but the fit hadn’t been there.  The promises weren’t kept.  She put them for sale, and I bid.  And I won.

And our first union was AMAZING.  Stunning – cutting a solid 25 seconds off my mile.  This couldn’t last.

Our second adventure was a 9 mile trek.  We got along the entire time.  We didn’t rub each other the wrong way AT ALL.  It felt like we’d been together forever.

There have been a flurry of good days since the first, and even a PR race.  But I was holding back.  I just wasn’t sure it would last.  Too good to be true…

So this morning I relapsed.  I cheated.  I decided to go back to the tried and true Asics that had done fine by me for the past couple of years.  Maybe we had just needed a break?  Maybe it was just the NEWNESS of the others that made me feel so amazing.  So we headed out together, and it was but a few measley minutes before I realized I had been right to abandon them.  They were like balls and chains on each foot.  They made me feel bad – about my running, myself.  5 miles together and I decided it was time to part ways for good.  They were holding me back and I just couldn’t handle it.  I mean, I’d set out to do 11 miles and after 5 we just couldn’t go any further together.  I quit.

I stewed.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I am out of shape.  Maybe I’m just not having a good day.  Screw that – I strapped on the Newtons and headed out into the afternoon to prove myself.

My legs were light again.  My pace, quickened.  My heart skipped a beat as I pledged my allegiance to these wonderful, wonderful shoes.  6 more miles went by in a happy blink, at a record pace that felt natural and wonderful.  I swore fidelity to them as I cooled down.  Eleven miles, and I could have done it again.

So I’m hooked.  And I’m telling everyone.  And if you want to know more about my new loves, here’s a video I’d like to share.  But let’s keep this between you and me.  I’d hate for this to get out. . .   : )


2 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight

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