You know when you are in the market for a car, and you do your research, and you find “the one” and then suddenly you see THE CAR everywhere you go?  Or maybe you learn a new word and then you hear it again… and then again?  That’s how I feel today.  But my “car” and my “word” is RUNNING.  Today, I am the beneficiary of the joy of helping others find joy and power through running.  Not one but TWO people are in the throws of successful running and I believe I have directly influenced them.  It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I’ve contributed to helping someone find a new place to escape, to push themselves to places they never knew they could go and to be their own coach and student through something that brings me happiness and power with every footfall.

Katie, you gave me the tool (story here) to be able to start my own journey and it makes me happy that that same tool is now helping you reach your goals – goals I don’t think you would have set for yourself a mere year ago.   Your run today is worth noting and celebrating.  : )

Amy, I believe that I helped you get those sneakers laced up early on but I know that it was your sheer will and determination that carried you through training during a cold winter and has brought you to the threshold of your very first half marathon weekend.  I am so proud and thrilled for you and, as I said in my email, the best thing about your first race is that you are guaranteed to set a PR – personal record – for your BEST RACE EVER.  Go girl!  (and happy birthday!)

So if you are reading this I encourage you to either be a mentor or a student.  Teach or learn.  Or, like doctors do – see it, do it, teach it.  You win either way.

Run.  It’s good for your heart (in the warm and fuzzy way as much as the other).


2 thoughts on “Grasshopper

  1. joshua greenbaum says:

    Great Blog Casey! You actually inspired me to start running too. I’ve been doing the Central Park Reservoir. Only 1.5 miles but its a start

  2. Casey says:

    Josh – AWESOME! Thanks and congratulations! You made my day – I hope you find as much happiness in running as I do. If I can help in any way, say the word! RUN ON!

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