Taking the PEE out of P.R.

A P.R. is a Personal Record in running.  If you have even a strand of competitive nature and you run, you have a PR to beat – maybe it’s not a racing P.R. but instead it’s your time to do that lap around the neighborhood, or the time on the display of the treadmill as you wrap up a daily run.  A P.R. is a big deal.  Beating P.R.s is what I live for.  Not just in running but in everything.  Can I make dinner faster today than yesterday?  Can I finish my conference call at 5:21 and still get to my daughter’s school at 5:30?  I’m a dork that way…

I had started running in March of 2009 and ran my very first race in June that year – the Howard County Library 5K.  It was a P.R. race because the first time you race any distance it is automatically your best race time ever at that distance.  I love that.  So my next 5K wasn’t until a year later, same race (I ran 2 10Ks, 2 Half Marathons and a 10 miler in between).  That race started off as running perfection.  I was the female Meb Keflezighi. Super fast (7:30 miles at the 2 mile mark) feelin’ great, looking like a pro…  Then (dun dun dunnnnn) my bladder took the spotlight.  I had to go.  I had to go BAD.  (story here).  Suffice it to say that what could have been an amazing race turned into a mediocre (ha ha – get it?  Ochre? Yellow?) finish at 30:29.

So THIS year, I had my sights set on a BIG FAT P.R. because, well, that’s how I roll for every race.  I’m not especially well trained right now but I still run enough that I should be able to take down a 5K and then put in another 8-10 miles afterward.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not exactly fast, but I am exceptionally competitive and that can get you faaaaar.

So I controlled my coffee intake (lesson learned) and ran my rear end off.  I gave a respectful nod to the Golden Arches as I passed, and finished my race in 25:25 (Garmin time).  That’s about an 8:14 mile.   And for this girl, that rocks.  A career P.R. for speed at any distance.

The lesson here is to USE those spot-a-pots!  Get in that long line when you GET to the race.  And then get BACK in line when you are finished.  A P.R. is best, and easiest, without the P(ee).


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