I love to be challenged.  I ADORE winning.  I love passing runners in a race – heck I’ll even smirk as I run by kids and strollers.  The best feeling ever is ticking off (counting, not angering) a runner as I pass and then setting my sights on the next back in front of me.

But without fail, seven times now I’ve reached the finish line of a half marathon and said ‘DAMN I’m glad I don’t have to do that again right now!’.  I run all out.  I end on empty.  I give it my all and 13.1 miles is about all I’ve usually got.  But…

I really want to nail a full marathon before I turn the big 4-0 next March.
But I’m CHICKEN.  I’m afraid I’ll run 13.1 miles and then just not be able to run another step.  Will I have to WALK the second 13.1 miles?  Will I crawl over the finish line?  Will I die?

I just have to click ‘send’ to upgrade to a full marathon for March 17th.
Bock bock.


3 thoughts on “Chicken.

  1. magnum78 says:

    Do it. You ain’t no quitter.

  2. shannon says:

    Casey!!!! If I can do 2 fulls in a year, you got this!! Girl, click the button, and do it. I’m not gonna lie, it hurts…but there is nothing like it! It’s incredibly fulfilling, rewarding and emotional. And even if you never do another one, it’s ok…because you can say that you ran a marathon!!! Which one do you want to do???

  3. Your Conscience says:

    Do it, putz. Die trying, not wishing. I’m counting on you.

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