2012 is the year I turn 40.  I’m OK with that.  But I was looking in the mirror this morning at the wrinkles under my eyes and I started grumbling at my reflection. Better find a cream, serum, injection or procedure to fix THOSE.

But since then, I’ve been thinking about HOW I got those lines around my eyes.  About squinting through countless sunny days as a child, running and playing in my neighborhood. About all the books I’ve focused intensely on as the plot thickens.  How many times I’ve laughed so hard I cried.  The thousands of friendly smiles I threw at people sitting down at my bar at Clydes in the 7 years I worked there.  The thousands of smiles that broke the ice or highlighted the bond with customers in my sales job.  The countless smiles I’ve tossed out to people sitting down next to me in a plane as I travel all over the country for my job.  The millions of love-filled looks I’ve given and received from my daughter and husband.  And the many, many miles I’ve run squinting in sun, rain and wind and over finish lines – real or imagined.

And I wouldn’t change any of that, so I guess I’m OK with these.


One thought on “Wrinkles.

  1. Chester says:

    well said

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