Run for Sherry

A little over a month ago, a woman went out for an early morning run in Sidney, Montana. She never came home.  The community came together in a massive search effort but the only trace of her they found was a Brooks running shoe.  Finally, a week after she disappeared, an anonymous tip lead to two men who ultimately confessed to killing her.  She had been abducted about a mile from her house.  Her death was random.

Today, nationwide, runners will participate in a ‘Virtual Run for Sherry‘.  I’ll be part of it.  I didn’t know Sherry but her cousin writes a fantastic (but not for the faint of heart) running blog called Shut Up + Run.  I will run in a gym (it’s snowing here) but I’ll be thinking about how lucky I am to be ABLE to run.  How much joy it brings me.  Some people can’t run and some people, like Sherry, will never run again.

So join me.  Run a mile.  Walk a mile.  And if you feel moved by Sherry’s story here, donate a few bucks to help her husband and two children get through this horrible time.  And hug somebody you love. Definitely do that.



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