If you told me 20 years ago that I would one day be a runner, I would have laughed a big old horse laugh right in your face.  ‘IMPOSSIBLE!’  I would have bleated.  ‘I HATE RUNNING’ I would have yelled vehemently, probably stomping a foot for effect.  But, TAA-DAAH.  Here I am.  A Runner.  And loving every mile.  What could you be if you change your ‘IMPOSSIBLE’?

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2 thoughts on “Impossible.

  1. My impossible could ‘Be Limo Piss’ or ‘Mobile Piss’ or ‘Limbo Spies’ or ‘Bop Missile’ or… (great post, Casey! 😉

  2. tmarsh101 says:

    I was the same way! My parents had to drag me to my elementary school fun run. Thank you for your comment on my post! I am definitely scared, but so excited! I’m sure you will get there one day too and commit!

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