Heavy Metal

I love race medals.  After all the hard work that goes into preparing for a long distance race, it’s very rewarding to have tangible evidence that you were there.  Mine hang on the wall of my office and whenever I glance at them, I get all school-girl-swooney and proud.  And with each new addition my wall gets more *blingy*.  Which I dig.  So I want more.

The Rock n Roll series ALWAYS puts on a great race, and they have a pretty cool ‘rewards’ program for repeat offenders.  When you complete two or more RnR races in a calendar year you get an EXTRA medal (more bling!) for your efforts.

Next week I’ll complete my second Rock ‘n’ Roll race for 2012, so I qualify for the first level of Heavy Medals.  But I think I will aim for three or four so I wanted to see if anyone out there has run any of the upcoming races, WILL be running any of them, and which city would be fun as a destination race.  Help me pick!

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2 thoughts on “Heavy Metal

  1. TheFathlete says:

    its not in the RnR series, but if you want serious bling, next march hit the Little Rock marathon. SERIOUS bling, like medals so big you eat your dinner on them. i’m aiming for the chicago RnR for my very first RnR race. excited!

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