I run alone.  I’ve tried running with people but I’m just too focused on ME to be a good ‘running buddy’.  Talking while running makes me run slower, and prefer to run FASTer.  So this article my friend just posted on Facebook made me laugh out loud.  Thought I’d share it here, in case there are any like-minded solo worker-outers out there.  My favorite part of the article is this:

The gym is not a place for talk. The gym is a place for action. Action consists of doing things. Hardcore things. It could be pulling things, or pushing things, or pulling and then pushing things, or moving things around in a circle. It could be lots of things. One thing it cannot be: talking, to another person. Every word you say in the gym reduces the ambient levels of hardcoreness. Being with somebody therefore places you in imminent danger of subjecting yourself to a workout that is just some bullshit.

Hardcoreness.  That’s what I like.



4 thoughts on “Solo.

  1. I hate it when people start talking to me when I’m in my zone working out. I had a great running partner last year but, this year I’m ready to do it solo. I usually do better when I’m solo.

  2. urbannerdrunner says:

    I have to agree. If you do want to run with people you can save your easy days to run with people, and keep your hard works outs or yourself. That’s how the Kenyans do it, and it works out awesome for them.

  3. Coco says:

    I get it, and I mostly agree, but I have a hardcore friend and when we meet up for a run we don’t mess around, but we do push each other–to make sure we meet our goals, keep up our pace, and run every last 0.1 of our planned mileage. But 6/7 days I prefer to workout alone.

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