Bikini Bank

About a year ago I came up with a motivational tool for myself.  I named it the ‘Bikini Bank’ and I have to say, it has paid dividends so I thought I’d share it.  Here’s how it works:  you go out for your run.  Let’s say you are going to run 5 miles.  At the end of those 5 miles you make a ‘contribution’ to the Bikini Bank meaning you run an extra mile (or half – up to you).  Tally up your runs SEPARATE from your Bikini Bank miles (if you log your miles) and you’ll be surprised how they add up!  I have over 100 miles over the past year that I wouldn’t have run if it wasn’t for THE BANK.

Mine is a Bikini Bank.  Maybe yours is something else – it doesn’t even have to be physical.  Maybe that extra mile is dedicated to someone you love.  Maybe it is your ‘playing hooky’ mile.  Label it what you like, but contribute regularly and you’ll see results AND feel an extra sense of accomplishment for having gone ‘the extra mile’.

I wore my cute little orange and white bikini at the opening of the pool last weekend, and felt like a million bucks.  And if 100 miles in the Bikini Bank makes me feel like a million bucks, that’s a pretty fine ROI.


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2 thoughts on “Bikini Bank

  1. Love this idea… great way to motivate me to do just a little bit more and go a bit farther everytime!

  2. […] of my ability and proud of my run, so instead of a penalty mile, I’m putting that mile in my Bikini Bank (see Bikini Bank 2.0 here) and feeling fantastic today. At 41, I am the best runner I’ve ever […]

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