A friend of mine posted this quote on his blog the other day, and it keeps bouncing around in my head.  Recently I’ve been feeling very high velocity.  Things are moving fast in my life, needing my pinpoint focus in what feels like a wind tunnel.  It’s not bad, per se, but it has felt very… consuming.  And as fast as things are moving, I myself haven’t been moving at all.  I haven’t run this week, and it’s not looking good for next week (traveling to San Diego, Orlando and Atlanta).   I’ve been feeling guilty/mad about not running, as if someone besides me was keeping score.  But since I read this, I feel better.  Smaller and bigger at the same time.  And I realize that if I want to run, I will make the time to run, no matter where I am.  Running is my gift to me, and that’s what’s important.  Here.  Now.  Today.

So anyway, here’s the quote.  It’s worth the click.  Sometimes a little perspective is just what you/I need.

I can’t wait to run tomorrow.

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