Ready, Set, GOAL!

Burnout.  It happens.  I think it happened to me in April.  I had trained for months and run several races.  I wasn’t really ENJOYING running as much as getting through each run.  Getting through each race.  And one thing I’m pretty good at is listening to my body.  I’m OK with taking a pause or changing things up when I get feedback from my body that I need to do so.  So for May and June, I set no goals.  I didn’t ‘train’.  I ran when I felt like it/could and only as far as I wanted to.

Three things happened.  First, I got the downtime I needed.  Second, I actually ENJOYED my runs more because I really only did them when I wanted to, and for as far as I wanted to.  Interestingly, some weeks I ran way more than I had been (~30 miles) and some weeks I ran zero miles.  And third, I realized that I’m ready to set some goals and sign up for some races again.  It happened faster than I expected.  I was prepared to take 6 months or so to ‘run for fun’ but I guess the competitor in me is getting restless.

Listen to your body.  Give yourself a break when you need to.  Then get your butt back to work and SET SOME GOALS.  Sign up for races.  Start a training plan.  Without a goal, maybe you’ll run and maybe you won’t… and that’s only fun for a little while.

What are your running goals?  What races are you signed up for?


2 thoughts on “Ready, Set, GOAL!

  1. rebelrunner says:

    Goals are so important! I’m looking to run a Boston Qualifier this fall…

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