Never Too Late.

Think your chance to run competitively has passed you by?  Think you can’t start a running career in adulthood?  Well, I disagree.  And so does this guy:  Fauja Singh.  Why?  Check out his stats:

  • Started “seriously” running at the age of 81
  • At 100 years old he attempted and broke the world age group record in 8 different races
  • First 100 year old to complete a marathon
  • Stays to a strict vegetarian diet.
  • He will carry the Olympic torch for the SECOND TIME (previously the 2004 Athens Olympics) for the 2012 London Olympics this Saturday, July 21st.He is one of very few that have ever handled the torch on two separate occasions.
  • He’s raised tens of thousands of dollars for various charities.

Now, that is ROCK STAR right there.
If he can start at 80, you can start at ____ (fill in the blank).

This guy is just the inspiration I needed today.



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