Dirty Secret.

I have a confession.

As focused as I am on running and being healthy, there was one bad habit I have had a hard time shaking.  Smoking.  It’s stupid, right?  I fine tune my running form, I eat for proper fueling.  I sleep well and I train consistently.  Smoking just does not fit into that equation.  I didn’t smoke a lot, really – just a few a day, but still…  So, I quit.  I QUIT!  Twenty eight days ago, to be exact.  And I figure since they say ‘it takes 28 days to form or quit a habit’, today is the day I can yell it from the mountaintops – I QUIT!

I immediately felt so much better that it was actually pretty easy.  My running felt good, and I added swimming to my training just to give it a shot.  (Swimming is awesome!)  I finally feel that I have a composite healthy lifestyle.  And now that it is here, on my blog, it is really official.  🙂

My next half marathon is in December in Vegas and I plan to CRUSH my PR!

Do you have any bad habits that affect your running?

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2 thoughts on “Dirty Secret.

  1. Congratulations! You should be very proud, so shout as loud as you want! Go get that PR in Vegas. You earned it!

  2. 1 Year Recovery says:

    I’m not a runner, but I loved the honesty in this post. When I was at my most healthy – I was still smoking. I would work out, then go for a smoke. Then go for a run, then have a smoke. Make my protein shake and down it while smoking. I get it and I’m really proud of you for quitting. I can’t wait until I’m at 28 days!!

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