The Trots

(The 13 year old in me is chuckling about the title of this post…)

THE TROTS – of course I mean TURKEY Trots!  Picture this:  early Thanksgiving morning.  Frost on the grass, sun shining brightly, the smell of coffee wafting through the parking lot, tens or even hundreds of local people you have a common tie with (running!) all smiling and chatting and stretching.  An announcement is made, the start line fills up, in front of you (unless you are taking this VERY seriously and you are toe-to-the line) you see people in turkey costumes and people with goofy winter hats.  You are elbow to elbow with the community – teachers and soccer moms and weekend warriors and the bag boy from the grocery store.  The start gun sounds, the pack edges forward.  The pace slowly picks up until the street under your feet becomes visible again and you can move from a shuffle to a jog to a run.  Your breath circles your head like a halo.  The sun streams through the halos of the runners around you.  You smile and find your race pace.  You run through neighborhoods that are just waking up.  On bike paths that shimmer with morning dew.  Before you know it, the finish looms ahead, and you hear the whole neighborhood rumbling with support, chatter and laughter.  You cross the finish and high five the kids lined up like hungry paparazzi.  You join the finish line cheering section and whoop and yelp for friends and strangers as they make their way to the finish.  When the race is over, and the last stroller has crossed the line, you head to the parking lot to hear the results.  Results for a fun run?  OF COURSE – when the prizes are fresh baked PIES (or similar, the race I run gives away coveted pies).  Dozens and dozens of crisp white boxes holding still-warm pies are ceremoniously awarded to runners and walkers.  Those who don’t get them can almost taste them – the taste of victory.

You leave with a smile on your face, realizing that while most of the community is barely stirring YOU have already had an EXPERIENCE, YOU have already burned 300 calories, you (if you’re lucky and/or fast) have received BAKED GOODS.  The rest of the day is gravy.  Bring on Thanksgiving!

I wish ALLLLLL of you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and fast, fun Turkey Trots!


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4 thoughts on “The Trots

  1. Casey, this is awesome! I’ve run a handful of these and I can literally see, hear and smell everything you described. I’m not signed up for the one tomorrow, but after reading this; I’m wondering if I can do a last minute sign-up. Thanks for such an illustrative piece!

    • Casey says:

      Thanks Tanner! I’m pretty sure Turkey Trots are open to race day registrations. There’s a link in my post to find one on Do it! : )

  2. My favourite kind of run! love this.

  3. Mary says:

    Pies as race prizes! That’s awesome!

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