Run The Year

Today I did my annual “Run The Year” run.  13 miles for 2013.  And I tell ya, I felt AWESOME!  I had a great run… really great…until 11.5.  Right at mile 11 and a half, my left knee went haywire.  Something deep inside either snapped or cracked or shifted, and all of a sudden I couldn’t run!  I had been just enjoying that spot my mind goes on long runs, where I can almost forget I’m running – perfect pace, comfortable cadence… then BLAM!  My knee wouldn’t hold me up anymore!  WHAT THE????

So I stopped (no choice).  I attempted to walk around for a minute.  There was shooting pain when I bent my knee, and kinda achy pain when I didn’t.  But DAMN IT I WAS GOING TO FINISH MY RUN.  My first run of the new year!  There was NO CHANCE I’d be starting off the running year with a DNF!

So I started running again.  Nope.  No chance.  The run was done.knee_pain

After icing it for more than an hour, I gave it another shot with the same results.  No go.

So… what’s a girl to do?

I’m opting to try to look at this with a ‘glass half full’ attitude today.  I’m glad I ran 11.5 miles after being sick with the plague flu for about two weeks.  I was able to run another 15 miles last week, and I did a Boot Camp group fitness class.  A few years ago, I doubt I could have put up numbers like that, so I’m proud of where I am today.  But seriously.  This crap better clear up QUICKLY or that half full glass is getting chucked at someone I’ll be really upset.

Any suggestions?  Sound familiar to anyone?



One thought on “Run The Year

  1. J Durant says:

    Make sure you are drinking your water. When I play indoor, my legs give me trouble when I don’t drink enough water, maybe you are just a little dehydrated from being sick?? Stay positive and take it easy, you have all year to attack your New Years Runsolutions ;). Happy New Years to you too!

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