Don’t Doubt.

I’ve been a BAD blogger. And I’ve been a hit-or-miss runner. Either I run 30+ miles a week or ZERO. Which is why I turned into a big fat chicken last week. I had signed up for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in San Diego, which takes place today. But because of my intermittent training and my road-weariness (so, so much travel for work recently), I bailed. The idea of traveling cross country and risking a DNF (did not finish) was unbearable.

So yesterday, I decided to run 13.1 miles just to see if I could. And you know what? I could. I ran that shit faster than most of my previous races. AND I felt great! Which made me fuming mad at myself. So I ran a penalty mile at the end for doubting myself.

But when it was all said and done, I was proud of my ability and proud of my run, so instead of a penalty mile, I’m putting that mile in my Bikini Bank (see Bikini Bank 2.0 here) and feeling fantastic today. At 41, I am the best runner I’ve ever been.  

Don’t doubt yourself.  And I’ll try not to either.



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