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Count ’em.

Most of my life, I only ran if someone chased me. I didn’t ‘get’ people who intentionally went out and ran… nowhere in particular. But now that I’ve fallen in love with the sport, I have learned the native language and customs.  I GET it.

So recently I’ve been noticing, reading and collecting some small quirks and quips that are pretty innate to runners. I’ll add more as they come to me or I find them.  So now, in no particular order, is my official “YOU KNOW YOU ARE A RUNNER IF…” list:


#1 You talk about running to anyone who will listen… and sometimes those who don’t.

#2 You see someone running while you are driving and you get jealous.

#3 You can’t find time to clean the __________ (fill in the blank) but you can squeeze in a run.

#4 The word ‘Garmin’ in casual conversation makes you blush.

#5 You play/train in other sports just to get better at running.

#6 You’ve ever said “I only ran 5 miles today”

#7 You get up earlier on weekends than weekdays to run or race.

#8 You get offended if someone says they saw you ‘jogging’

#9 Your running shoes cost more than your work shoes.

#10 You get grumpy when you see/meet someone wearing coveted/expensive running gear who doesn’t run.

#11 You read “You know you are a Runner when… ” lists : )

That’s my starting list.  There will be many more, I’m sure.  How do YOU know you’re a runner?

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